Texas Multifamily Investments is led by seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated all stages of the real estate investment cycle. Our senior executives have worked together for an average of 8 years, and possess a combines 27 years of experience in the industry. We believe that our team collectively represents exceptional real estate talent.

Taylor Vaughn


Taylor Vaughn is the founder of Texas Multifamily Investments. Taylor previously worked for a large national brokerage company where he was able to see the significant returns large companies were achieving by pooling funds and utilizing economies of scale by investing in large multifamily properties. Taylor’s vision was to create a company where the everyday investor could have access to these significant returns that were being captured by large corporations. Taylor has also worked for a tax consulting company overseeing the valuation for over $320 million in assets on an annual basis. His experience in valuation and vision to bring significant returns to the everyday investor formed Texas Multifamily Investments. Taylor earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in business and minor in economics from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

Michael Keane, MA

Head of Acquisitions

As head of Acquisitions, Michael Keane is responsible for underwriting and analyzing new investment opportunities. After college, Michael worked for a commercial appraisal firm valuing over 200 million in assets for disposition, acquisition, bank loans, tax, and condemnation purposes. His experience in underwriting and valuation brings substantial value to Texas Multifamily Investments when picking the right investments for our company to pursue. Michael earned his Master’s from Texas A&M’s highly accredited Land Economics and Real Estate (LERE) program.

Britton Wells, MA

Head of Property Repositioning and Value Enhancement

As head of Property Repositioning and Value Enhancement, Britton Wells is responsible for maximizing cash flow and value for each property. After college, Britton worked for a national real estate investment firm handling a portfolio of over 1.2 billion in assets. His experience in value enhancement brings substantial value to Texas Multifamily Investments. Britton earned his Master’s in Real Estate (MRE) from Texas A&M.

Daly Vaughn, PhD

Head of Market Research

As the head of Market Research, Dr. Vaughn is responsible for examining housing and real estate data and identifying markets poised for substantial future growth. His extensive knowledge and skill in statistics, predictive analytics, and analysis of large and complex data sets help set Texas Multifamily Investments apart from most real estate investment companies. Dr. Vaughn leverages these skills to identify neighborhoods and markets likely to experience population and economic growth, increased development, and the associated impact on multifamily valuation trends. Dr. Vaughn earned his Ph.D from Auburn University in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with a minor in statistical analysis.