Investment Center

Investment Center

Acquisition Criteria

Through extensive market research Texas MFI identifies markets poised for substantial future growth. Texas is one of the nation’s fastest growing States and the need for affordable apartments is in high demand.
Texas MFI looks for properties in sub-markets identified for substantial growth that are in need of repositioning to capture maximum cash flow and value enhancement.

Property Management

Texas MultiFamily Investments has the capability to also serve as a full-service property management company.  Texas MFI concentrates on adding value to residents and owners through attracting and keeping the best tenants and providing quality customer service.  We treat all our managed properties to the same high standards of the properties we own.  Texas MultiFamily Investments utilities the most up-to-date software so owners can check their properties operation on a day-to-day basis and we make it a goal to openly communicate with owner’s regularly.  Please contact Taylor to discuss property management for your property.

Joint Ventures

You may want to consider a Joint Venture (JV) arrangement if you are seeking rapid access to new territories and markets. The securing of wider technology resources, gaining access to greater human capital pools plus sharing the risk of a particular project or enterprise are reasons why you may want to consider a JV. Texas MultiFamily Investments can guide you on the pros and cons of establishing a JV and if you proceed, we can help you to decide whether a JV should be set up as an incorporated entity such as a limited liability company or unincorporated, for example as a partnership or a contract. We will also assist you to perform systematic research in order to define the JV parties’ shared objectives (both qualitative and quantitative) and highlight the parties’ complimentary values. Our goal here is to solve potential problems before they arise. While trust is a key driver of JV success, lack of clarity about the goals of the JV or how those shared values will affect how either party is willing (or not) to achieve them, can be a major cause of dissention and consequently, distraction. We also advise on documenting the JV arrangement to provide optimal clarity for both parties.

Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Investors with individual retirement accounts can increase the size of their Self-Directed Retirement Account funds by using them for strategic real estate investments. A Self-Directed Retirement Account owner makes an investment decision on behalf of the retirement plan. The Internal Revenue Service requires the owner to have either a qualified trustee or custodian hold the asset on behalf of the owner. Generally, the trustee for the owner of a self-directed individual retirement account will maintain the assets, all transactions and other records pertaining to them. Most Self-Directed IRA custodians will permit their clients to engage in a wide variety of investments including real estate. Texas MFI has relationships built with several custodians and can help you grow your retirement account through the use of multifamily investing.